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14078: WI- EF Message 1052- Invalid Residency Status


Why am I receiving WI red message 1052 when I calculate/view a Part-Year or Nonresident WI tax return, and how can I clear it?

WI EF Message 1052:


This EF Message is generated when a residency status has not been selected for the taxpayer (or spouse if applicable) on the WI DEMO screen. To correct this error you can do the following:

  1. From the WI data entry menu, select the DEMO screen.
  2. The DEMO screen is broken into two parts:
    1. Top half of the screen is for the Taxpayer
    2. Bottom half of the screen is for the Spouse.
  3. Select the applicable residency status for the taxpayer (and spouse if applicable)
  4. After selections have been made, Calculate the return to ensure the error message is cleared.

If you are still experiencing this issue after taking the above steps, contact Drake Support at 828-524-8020.

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