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14108: GruntWorx - Job Status and Download


How can I find out what my GruntWorx job status is, and how do I download the job when it is ready?

The amount of time it takes to upload documents can range from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the number of documents you’re uploading and your internet connection speed. To check on the progress of the upload, click the GruntWorx button, and from the GruntWorx window, select the Job Status tab. To see the daily wait time, go to

In the Status column of the GruntWorx Status dialog box, one of these statuses is listed:

  • Failed — A transmission failure stopped the download.
  • Pending — The upload to GruntWorx is still in progress.
  • Completed — The upload to GruntWorx is complete but you have yet to download the completed job back to your computer.
  • Downloaded — The job has been downloaded to your computer and the job is complete.

When the Status is Completed, select the job to download by marking the check box on the left of the client’s name, and click Download. You can click the check box at the top of the ID column to select all listed jobs for download.

Click Refresh to update the window.

For more information about GruntWorx, see the Drake Software Manual or the Related Links below. For a demonstration, watch the video Using GruntWorx in Drake


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