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14149: 990 - EF Message 5206 PIN, Officer's Name, and Title

990 Tax Exempt

How do I clear EF message 5206 in a 990 return? How do I get the officer’s name and title to appear on page 1?

EF Message 5206 states:

If the Signature Option "PIN Number" is selected (the element "SignatureOption" in the Return Header has a value of "PIN Number") then the following fields must have a value in the Return Header: "PractitionerPIN", "TaxpayerPIN", "Name" of the "Officer", "Title" of the "Officer", "DateSigned" and "PINEnteredBy" Indicator.

To clear this EF message and have the officer's information appear on page 1 of Form 990, ensure that: 

  • The ERO PIN, Officer PIN, and Signature Date fields are completed on the PIN screen, and
  • The NameTitle, and Address fields are completed on the OFF screen.
    • Be sure to mark the Signs Return and Principal Officer fields on the OFF screen.

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