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14162: IA - School District Surtax - EF Message 0016


How can I clear Iowa EF Message 0016 about the School District Surtax? 

IA EF Message 0016: 

Unable to calculate School District Surtax. Iowa residents are subject to the School District Surtax on IA 1040 line 54. To calculate this surtax correctly, the county code entered on federal screen 1 or IA screen 1 must match the school district code entered on federal screen 1 or IA screen 1. Return to data entry and enter a valid county code and school district code either on federal screen 1 or Iowa screen 1 so that the surtax can be calculated correctly. School district codes can be found in the drop lists on these screens.

To clear this EF Message, review the school district on both the federal screen 1 and IA screen 1.  

Federal Screen 1:

From within Drake, go to the General tab > Name and Address screen. In the Resident State section confirm that the School District code is present and accurate.

IA screen 1:

Go to IA Data Entry > General tab > 1040 Individual Tax Return screen, and confirm that the County CodeSchool District code, and School District Name are present and accurate. The School District Code must be identical to the code on the federal screen 1

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