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14208: 2441 - EF Message 5130

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If I am receiving EF message 5130 in regards to Form 2441 Child and Dependent Care Expenses, how would I clear the message? 

The EF Message states: 

INVALID PROVIDER ID:  Return has child care credit but provider's SSN is invalid.

In order to clear this EF message, return to the 2441 Child Care Credit screen. The SSN/EIN field is a required entry for this credit to be available (1). Enter the Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number of the child care provider. If the value is an EIN, check the EIN box beside the entry to indicate that it is an EIN (2). 

 If the SSN/EIN is not available, one of these non-numeric codes may be applicable (3): 

  • TAXEXEMPT: if the provider is a tax-exempt organization. 
  • LAFCP: if the taxpayer/spouse is living abroad and the child care provider is not required to have an identifying number enter this acronym for "Living Abroad Foreign Care Provider."  
  • REFUSED: if the child care provider refuses to give a SSN/EIN.
  • UNABLE: if the child care provider has moved and you are unable to find the SSN/EIN.

In Drake16 and prior, if one of the above codes is applicable, enter the code in the SSN/EIN field and press CTRL+F to have the program recognize the non-numeric value in a numeric field. 

For more information about Child and Dependent Care Expenses and Credit, see the 2441 Instructions and Related Links below. 

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