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14210: 1040 - EF Message 5205 - Household Employee Wages

1040 Individual Data Entry

How do I clear EF message 5205?

EF Message 5205:

FORM W-2 REQUIRED: Household employee wages have been entered on screen HSH and the amount entered exceeds the threshold amount requiring Form W-2. If no Form W-2 was issued, contact the employer about issuing one.

This message is generated when an amount exceeding the W-2 filing requirement threshold for household employees has been entered on the federal HSH screen (this screen can be located on screen 3 - Income, line 1 (line 7 in Drake17 and prior) by clicking the Household Employee link).

Note: In Drake17 and prior, household employee wages could also be entered on the federal W2 screen with a Special Tax Treatment code of H to indicate that no W-2 was received for the wages. If a form W-2 was issued for the household wages by the employer, remove code H from the W2 screen.

To resolve this issue, Drake Software recommends checking your data entry and/or contacting the employer about having a Form W-2 issued for the household employee, if needed.

Per the IRS, a 2020 W-2 must be filed for each household employee for which social security and Medicare cash wages of $2,200 or more are paid.

See Publication 926 - Household Employer's Tax Guide For use in 2019 for more information.

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