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14238: Form W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate

1040 Individual Data Entry

Can I generate Form W-4 in Drake Tax? 

Yes, Form W-4 can be generated by making entries on the W4 screen, which is located on the ​Other Forms​ tab in individual data entry. This form cannot be e-filed, however, it can be produced for use by the taxpayer and/or spouse to provide to their employer.

Starting in Drake19, the new Form W-4 is generated in view mode from entries on the W4 screen. See the IRS FAQs on the 2020 Form for more information on the redesign. 

A W-4 will be generated for either Taxpayer or Spouse by selecting T or S from the TSJ box at the top of the W4 screen. The system will calculate the values automatically based on the return details, however, overrides and manual entries are available for different sections of the form.

If a Form W-4 is needed for both the taxpayer and the spouse, complete the ​W4​ screen for taxpayer and then press Page Down to create a second form for the spouse. 

For more information, see the Form W-4 Instructions

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