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14265: 1065/1120S/1041 - K-1 Sorting and Viewing

1065 Partnership

Can I sort the list of K-1s in view mode in a manner other than the order that they were entered? 

The default order of K1s in view mode is determined by the order in which the partners, beneficiaries, or shareholders are entered on the K1 screens. Starting in Drake16, there are several sorting options available for K-1s in business returns. You can sort the list of K-1s by Recipient Name, ID number, Ownership Percentage, or a Control Number. The Sort K-1s by droplist is available on the PRNT screen inside a business return:

Note: Starting in Drake18, the K-1 sorting and viewing features were added to 1041 returns.

There are four ways in which K1s can be sorted:

  • Control Number - This is a new entry available on K-1 screens starting in Drake16. This field is a direct entry field that is not populated by the software. It is used to uniquely identify the partner, beneficiary, or shareholder. The number entered can be up to 5 digits in length and decimals are allowed. A control number column has been added to grid entry as well. 

  • ID - Sort the partners, shareholders, or beneficiaries numerically by the SSN or EIN. 
  • Name - Sort the partners, shareholders, or beneficiaries alphabetically by the first or last name of an individual, or the first word of a business name.
    • In Drake 16, you can only sort by control number, ID, last name or percentage.
  • Percentage - Sort the partners, shareholders, or beneficiaries by their ownership percentage. 

The list of schedules K-1 in printed reports and worksheets will also display in the selected sort order. 

Viewing K-1's

Starting in Drake 17, viewing Schedule K-1 Forms has been enhanced. On the "All Forms" tab, you will now see the shareholder/partner's name next to the K1 form name. Additionally when you go to the sets tab, under the K1 set, each shareholder/partner has their own folder showing all federal and state K-1s.

See the video Viewing K1s for more information. 

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