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14290: 1040NR - Creation and E-filing

1040 Individual Generally

How do I create and e-file Form 1040-NR?

Beginning in Drake16

Beginning in tax year 2016, Form 1040-NR, Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return, can be created and e-filed through Drake Tax. The NR screens are found on the Foreign tab of data entry. 1040-NR data entry has been broken into 3 separate screens that serve the following purposes: 

  • NR - Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return - for entering personal and demographic information for the 1040-NR
  • NR2 - Schedule NEC - used to complete  Schedule NEC, Tax on Income Not Effectively Connected With a U.S. Trade or Business
  • NR3 - Schedule OI - for completing Schedule OI, Other Income 

By making an entry on any of the above mentioned screens, the return will automatically switch from a 1040 return to a 1040-NR return in the view mode. If the return should instead be filed as a 1040, delete all NR screens using the Ctrl +D hot key.

Drake15 and prior

To create the 1040-NR, you will use the NR screen (on the Taxes tab). Use the Page Down function to access additional data entry screens. Drake does not produce Form 1040NR-EZ.

Filing the 1040-NR. A 1040-NR is not eligible for e-fling and generates EF message 5042 advising you of that fact. Paper file the return to the appropriate "Where to File" address listed on page 9 of the Instructions for Form 1040NR.

Amending the 1040-NR. Use Form 1040-X. See the Instructions for Form 1040NR.


Form 1040-NR can be e-filed starting with Drake16. All prior years will still have to be paper-filed. 

​A valid ITIN is necessary for e-filing. Returns that use a temporary ITIN will not be eligible for e-file, and should be paper-filed. See Related Links for information on using the Temporary ITIN feature. 


Note: Drake Tax does not support the creation of Form 1040-NR for an estate or trust. 

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