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14308: Drake Portals - Making, Storing, and Deleting Backups


How do I backup and restore directly to/from Drake Portals (SecureFileProTM)?

Starting in Drake16, through both the automatic and manual backup process (see Related Links below), you now have the ability to backup Drake Tax directly to Drake Portals. This will allow you to keep backups securely in an off-site location. The backup and restore window can be located from the main page of Drake Tax, in the Tools > File Maintenance > Backup and Restore window. 


When you mark the Back up to SFP box and click Backup, the programs opens the SFP Login window.  


Customers who already have a SecureFilePro domain will be asked for:

  • SecureFilePro Account #
  • SecureFilePro Username
  • SecureFilePro Password 

Customers who do not have a Drake Portals account can click Register for SFP to get an account. More information about Drake Portals can be found on

When you begin automatic daily backups to Drake Portals, the program grabs a full backup.  During the next six days, it does not back up all your selected files every day - just those files that change that day.  On the seventh day, the process starts again with a new "full" backup followed by six days of "incremental" backups. If no changes are made to your files, no automatic backup will be performed that day. Handling Drake Portals using the combination of "full" and "incremental" backups saves you resource time, Drake Portals storage space, and subsequently operating costs. See below for steps on deleting backups that are stored in Drake Portals. 

Once the Backup button is selected, the backup will be created and a Backup Finished dialog box will open. A confirmation that the backup has been created and sent to Drake Portals will display. 


Deleting backups from Drake Portals through Drake Tax

To delete Automatic Backups that are stored in Drake Portals:

  • Go to Tools > File Maintenance > Backup and select Configure Automatic Backups under the Automatic Backup - Full section. 
  • Secure File Pro will retain backups for the number of weeks set in the Configure Automatic Backups process. Check Send to SFP and then select the Number of Weeks to Keep
    • If you uncheck the option Send to SFP, you can select the option to Delete All Automatic Backups in SFP.
    • Use caution if selecting this option and ensure that you have saved a backup of the program elsewhere. 
    • The number of weeks to keep setting determines how many backups are stored. It may appear to be one greater than the number chosen, but this is to ensure that the info is maintained until the next backup is created. For example, if you select Number of Weeks to Keep as 1, a backup is made for the first week. That backup will not be deleted until after a full second week of backups is created. So, the first backup will appear to be there for two weeks. The first week is not removed until the second week backup happens.  

To delete Manual Backups that are stored in Drake Portals: 
  • Go to Tools > File Maintenance > Backup and select Manage manual backups sent to SFP under the Manual One-Time Backup section. 
  • On the Manage SFP One-Time Backups review and select the backup(s) that you want to delete. 
  • Press Delete
  • The pop-up Once deleted, these backups are gone for good. Are you sure you want to delete them? shows-- press Yes to confirm that you wish to delete the backup(s). 
  • Press Close

Deleting backups from Drake Portals through the Drake Portals Website

You can also manage backups from the Drake Portals website. To do so,

  1. Log in to Drake Portals.
  2. Click on your username in the top right corner.
  3. Select Firm Management from the list. 
  4. Click on the Backups tab. 
  5. Choose the applicable Tax Year from the drop list or leave as All.
  6. Locate the desired backup.
  7. Click on the icon under the Actions column.
  8. Select Delete


  1. The pop-up Deleted backups cannot be recovered. Are you sure you want to delete the selected backup? shows-- press Yes to confirm that you wish to delete the backup. 

For more information about the Backup and Restore process, or how to restore files from Drake Portals, see Backup & Restore and Related Links below. 

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