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14391: Form 8858 Required - EF Message 4607

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I am receiving red message 4607 regarding Form 8858 being required. How do I clear this red message? 

EF Message 4607 generates in 1040 return: 

FORM 8858 REQUIRED: If Form 5471, page 4, Schedule G, question 3, is answered "Yes," and the 5471 screen, Item B, indicates Category 4 and Category 5 filers, then Form 8858 must be attached. Form 8858 is unavailable in the software. Use the "Paper Documents Indicators" on screen EF to indicate that you are submitting Form 8858 with Form 8453, or paper-file the return.

Creation of Form 8858 is not supported in Drake Tax software. The form must be completed outside the software and submitted with Form 8453 to the IRS by mail. To clear the error and allow e-filing of the individual return, go to the EF screen and check Form 8858 under Form 8453 Paper Document Indicators.


This will produce a Form 8453 with box 8858 checked in view mode. Print form 8453, complete form 8858 outside of Drake, and then mail both forms to the IRS. A fillable PDF of Form 8858 is available from the IRS. Failure to submit the 8858 to the IRS may result in delayed processing of the return. 

EF Message 4607 also generates in 1120, 1120S, and 990 returns when applicable to data entry: 

FORM 8858 REQUIRED: If Form 5471, page 4, Schedule G, question 3 is answered "Yes," and screen 5471, item "B Category of Filer" indicates a Category 4 or Category 5 filer, Form 8858 must be attached to the return.

Form 8858 is not available through Drake Tax. The return must be paper-filed.

Since there is no paper-document indicator form 8453 for a business return, any 1120, 1120S and 990 returns with this red message must paper-file the entire return and attach form 8858 to the paper-filed return. 

More information may be found in the Form 8858 Instructions

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