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14504: EF Message 4304 - TPG Fast Cash Advance


I am receiving EF Message 4304 on an individual return with an advance bank product through TPG. How can I clear this message?

This is the EF message you are referring to: 

There must be a Form W-2 or 1099-R or Schedule C included in the return to apply for a Fast Cash Advance.

This EF message is generated if one or more forms W-2, 1099-R, or Schedule C are not present in the return and you are requesting a Fast Cash Advance bank product through TPG. One or more of these income forms must be included on the return for the taxpayer to qualify for the Fast Cash Advance product.

A Schedule C-EZ does not qualify the return for an advance product. To clear the message when a C-EZ is present on the return, go to the C Self-Employed Income screen and select the checkbox Suppress Schedule C-EZ

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