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14537: Drake Hosted - Making and Moving Backups (Starting Drake16)

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Drake Hosted: How do I make a backup on my local installation of Drake Tax and move it to Drake Tax in Hosted? 


This article discusses the Drake16 and future process. If you are working with local to Hosted backups for a prior year, see Related Links below. For more information about the backup/restore changes starting in Drake16, see Related Links below. 

To back up files in Drake Software locally:

  1. From the Drake Tax Home window, select Tools > File Maintenance > Backup.
  2. This opens the Backup dialog box.
  3. Check the option to "Backup to local or network location" and ensure that the path is C:\DrakeYY\Backups
  4. Choose either Perform full back up to backup your entire DrakeYY or Selective Backup to limit the files that will be backed up. 
  5. Click Backup.
  6. A Backup Progress dialog box will show and provide the status of the backup. When finished, click Close

To upload the backup file to Drake Hosted:

  1. Log into your station:

  1. Click on File Browser

  1. Select the Local Disk C$
    Note: With a recent update to the Hosted drive mapping, your Local Drive may be referred to as C$ (\\Client) (V:)

  1. Navigate to the Drake16 Folder and locate the Backups folder.
  1. Right click on the backup file, then left click on Copy. The file name will be DB_[MM-DD-YY_HH-mm].7z. The file in this example was made on January 28, 2017 at 9:43am:  

  1. In the File Browser, right click on the drive that begins with Site[your account number], and click on Paste.

  1. Please be patient as the backup folder uploads. Larger backups may take several minutes, or more, depending on your connection speed.
  2.  After the upload completes, close the File Browser.

To restore a backup in Drake Hosted:

  1. From the Drake Hosted Home window, select Tools > File Maintenance > Restore.
  2. Restore from Local or network location should be selected. Restore location should show as Z$. If some other location is showing, browse to select Z$ drive (shows as site[youracct#]), and then click Select Folder.  
  3. Use the drop down list to select which backup you want to restore. These are listed by the date and time that the backup was made.
  4. Click Preview
  5. Choose Restore Everything to restore all the files in the backup (this will overwrite any existing data). If you want to restore select files in the backup folder, click Custom Restore. Then, filter and select the files you want to restore.
  6. Click Restore.

If you are needing to move files from Drake Hosted down to your local installation, please see Related Links below for the process. ​

Note: After your files are restored, you may wish to delete the backup folders located on the Z$ drive to reduce disk space. The Z$ drive begins with Site[your account number]. The backup folder is named: DB_[MM-DD-YY_hh-mm]. For example, a backup of the 2016 software made on January 1, 2017 at 8:00 am would appear as "DB_01-01-2017_08-00." 

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