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14705: 1040NR - W2 Income Excluded by Tax Treaty, Reject FW2-001-01

1040 Individual Data Entry

I am trying to file a 1040NR, with W2 wages exempt under a tax treaty. I am getting an IRS rejection FW2-001-01. Can this return be e-filed?


Currently it is not possible to e-file a 1040-NR return that contains W-2 wages which are either partially or fully excluded from income.

EF message 1902 generates in the return, disallowing e-filing:

INELIGIBLE FOR E-FILE: The sum of all "Wages" entered in box 1 on screens W2 cannot exceed the amount reported on Form 1040NR, line 1a, for returns to be eligible for e-file.

When a W2 is fully excluded from income, Special tax treatment code T on the W2 screen may be used:

When wages are only partially excluded from income under a treaty, a negative adjustment will need to be made. Starting in Drake19, this is done on screen 3 Income, Schedule 1, line 8 (line 21 in Drake18 and prior) as Other Income

In conjunction with the NR3 screen, section entry:

In Drake17 and prior, this is done on screen 3 Income, line 7 in conjunction with the NR3 screen, section L entry. You will have to create a detail worksheet for line 7 in order for a negative adjustment to be entered. 

When W2 wages are either partially or fully excluded from the total wage amount using a treaty exemption, the W2 included on the transmission do not sum to the total of all W2s present on the return. This causes a mismatch IRS rejection FW2-001-01 which requires the return to be paper filed due to the IRS e-file system limitation.

For more information about income exempt from tax due to a tax treaty, see the 1040-NR Instructions

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