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14828: PA - 20S65 - Schedule E Expenses


How do I get an amount to flow from the federal 8825 to the PA-20 S or PA-65, Schedule E, line 7 for Management Fees? 

The listed Federal 8825 Expense amounts will flow to the Pennsylvania Schedule E, however, PA Schedule E, line 7 Management Fees is not an available entry on the Federal 8825 screen. To get management fee expenses to flow to the PA Sch E, line 7, create a detail worksheet (double-click or press CTRL+W) for line 15 Other (list) under Additional Other Expenses on the federal 8825 screen. On the Detail Worksheet, use one of the following descriptions:

  • Management Fees
  • Management
  • MGT

Federal 8825 screen, line 15: 

Detail worksheet entry example: 

PA SCH E in view mode: 

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