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14881: PA - Generating Philadelphia Form BIRT


How do I generate Philadelphia form BIRT?

To tie the BIRT form to the income on the federal, you have to use the LLC number boxes. On the BIRT screen within data entry, you will see "LLCNum".


Enter a number that you will use to coordinate with the federal screen (ex: 1, 2, or 3). You will then go to the federal schedule to be tied to the BIRT form and enter the same number on the federal Schedule.

Data from more than one Federal Schedule is not automatically combined into a single Philadelphia return (BIRT, BIRT-EZ or NPT). If several activities should be grouped together into one return, then you must use the data entry screen overrides, adjustments and direct entries to manually combine Sales, Expenses, Apportionment, Credits and any other data.

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