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14892: LA - EF Message 0080


How can I clear Louisiana red message 0080 on an S-Corp return?

LA EF Message 0080: 

Please attach a schedule showing how the amount on Schedule G line 4 was calculated.

To clear this EF Message: 

  1. View the return and select the "Attach PDF" Icon at the top of the page.
  2. ​Once the EF PDF attachments window is displayed, you will notice there is a Red "X" to the left. Select the "Browse" button in the bottom right, and then select the Schedule that explains this information from where it is saved on your computer.
  3. Once you have attached the PDF of Schedule G, you will notice the Red "X" will change to a Green check mark. When this occurs you can select "Exit" to close out of the PDF Attachment dialog. Once this has been completed, you will then need to recalculate the return in order to clear the EF Message.

If you do not want to attach the document you can go to States > Louisiana > 620 S Corp Tax Return and select the option that states Opt out of PDF attachments, which will also clear this EF Message. This option is located at the top of the LA 620 screen, as showing below, starting in Drake20. In Drake19 and prior, it is located at the bottom of this screen.

Note: If you select this option, there may be delays in processing the return.

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