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14895: LA - EF Message 0030 (Drake19 and prior)


How can I clear Louisiana red message 0030 (in Drake19 and prior)?

LA EF message 0030 reads:

Federal Dependent Screen

on one of your federal dependent screens you have selected "LA" in the state code selection but have entered an invalid entry in the state codes section or left this section blank. Please correct your data entry in order to file this return electronically. 

This EF message is caused when the federal Dependent screen has LA in the State box without a corresponding State Code being entered. Louisiana allows a $72 credit against tax if the taxpayer, spouse or dependent is blind, deaf, mentally incapacitated or has lost the use of a limb. The State field on the Dependent screen should only be filled in if the dependent meets one of these conditions. If so, the following code can be applied to the dependent using the State Code field:

1 = deaf
2 = lost limb
3 = mentally incapacitated
4 = blind

If the dependent does not meet one of these conditions, leave the State field blank. 

For more information on this credit, see the LA 540 Instructions. The credit has expired for years after 2019 and thus is not available in Drake20.

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