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14905: IL - EF Message 0174 on 1065 or 1120S Return


I'm receiving red message 0174 on an Illinois 1065/1120S return.

IL EF Message 0174:

Your S Corporation or Partnership return does not have the same number of state K1s entered to match the Federal K1s for the shareholders or partners listed in Illinois.

Illinois requires the IL Schedule B to match the K1s included in the return.

If you have K1s on the federal portion of this return and they are not entered on the Illinois K1 screen you are not eligible to e-File this return.

To clear this message, go to the States tab in Data Entry and select IL Illinois. Select the Schedule K1 tab (Schedule K1 P tab in the 1120S package), then select the ILK1 Creating Schedule K1P screen.  Select a partner or shareholder from the EIN drop box.  Use the Page Down key to create a new screen for each partner or shareholder on the federal return.

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