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Where would I enter Tuition Expenses for the state of Wisconsin on an individual return?

Per the 2020 Wisconsin Form 1 Instructions: The subtraction for tuition and fees is decreased to $6,973 per student. The phase-out range has been increased. See page 4 of the Schedule SB instructions.

To enter Tuition Expenses for a WI individual return, go to Data Entry > States > Wisconsin > General Tab >Screen 3 Worksheets: Med, Tuition, Std Ded, Retirement > Under the Tuition Expense Worksheet (WIWK_TE) section > enter the amount paid, up to $6,972 ($6,974 in Drake19 and prior) for each student. Below that, enter the number of students for whom tuition was paid. This information is used to ensure that the subtraction does not exceed the maximum allowed per student. 

If you enter an amount in excess of $6,973 ($6,974 in Drake19 and prior) per student, EF message 0142 will generate alerting you to this limitation. The software will not limit the amount for you; you must enter only the allowable amounts based on the taxpayer's situation. 

Given the entries on screen 3, the program will compute the tuition subtraction and carry it to the WISB, line 8. The total subtractions will then flow through to the WI 1, page 1, line 4. In Drake19 and prior, the program will compute the tuition subtraction and carry it to WI 1, page 1, line 11 as code 03. For all years, if the deduction is limited, the WI WK_TE will produce. 

If you would like the worksheet to produce, even if not required, go to the WI OPT screen and check the box Tuition worksheet (WI WK_TE) to force the worksheet(s) to print. 

Only enter the tuition and mandatory student fees paid to a Wisconsin university, college, technical college, or other approved post- secondary school or a Minnesota public institution that qualifies under the Minnesota-Wisconsin tuition reciprocity agreement. An amount up to $6,973 ($6,974 in Drake19 and prior) per student is allowed. 

If there is a tuition and fees deduction on the federal return, this amount must be added back on Schedule I. It is not allowed for Wisconsin purposes. For further information, see the Wisconsin Schedule SB instructions or Form 1 instructions for 2019 and prior.

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