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14924: WI - EF Message 0069


How would I clear Wisconsin red message 0069 on an individual return?

WI EF Message 0069 states:

WI Schedule OS - Reject F1-281

A credit cannot be claimed for taxes paid to other states when line 18 and line 20 are both zero. 

​The reason this EF Message occurs is that the Wisconsin Schedule OS is used for Credit for Net Tax Paid to another state. Line 18 represents the Total Income Taxed by other state, and line 20 represents the Income and Franchise Tax. If there is not any income, or tax, the credit will not generate, and the form will not be produced.

 If they should receive the Schedule OS Credit, to correct this error message:

  • Go to the States Tab > Wisconsin > Credits Tab > Screen OS Net Tax Paid to Another State > Enter applicable amounts on this screen so that either line 18 or 20 has an amount present. 
If they are not eligible for the credit, delete the OS screen by pressing CTRL + D

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