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14947: GA - EF Message 0036


How do I clear red message 0036 on the GA individual return?

GA EF Message 0036 generates when there is a missing state code on one of the federal income screens. The state code is needed so that the income statement details on page 4 of the GA 500 can be properly filled out.

Total GA withholding on lines 23 and 24 of GA500.pg4 must match the withholding shown on the GA income statements on pages 3 & 4.  Check federal income screens and make sure all are designated correctly.  GA screen INC can be used to enter additional income statements if necessary.

To clear this EF Message, review your federal income screens (W-2, 1099s, etc) to make sure the state abbreviation is entered. This message will not generate unless state withholding has been entered.

If there is additional income not reported on the federal return, GA screen INC may be used.

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