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15006: 1040 - EF Message 4610

1040 Individual Data Entry

How do I clear red message 4610 about form 5471 in an individual return?

This EF Message states: 

If the person filing form 5471 is a category 2 filer, both Schedule G and Schedule O, Part I must be included.

To complete Schedule G, go to the 5471 screen and select the SCH G tab. Under the Schedule G section, answer questions 1-8. Depending on the applicable answer(s), additional information may be required on the SCHG Schedule G Additional Information screen.   

To complete Schedule O, part I, go to the O1 screen on the Foreign tab. On the O1 screen, complete the section U.S. Shareholders, Officers and/or Directors including at least these entries: 

  • Identifying number (SSN, EIN, FOREIGNUS, or APPLD FOR)
  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of original 10% acquisition
  • Date of additional 10% acquisition (if applicable)

For more information and other requirements, see the Instructions for Form 5471

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