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15023: Drake 17 - Summary of New Setup Options

Setup Generally

What new setup options are available in Drake17? 
Setting Up A Printer

To setup a printer in Drake Tax 2017, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Drake Tax home window, go to Setup > Printing > Printer Setup.
  2. Select the F8 "Edit Printer Settings" tab.
  3. Select the printer and printer type from the drop down menus.
  4. Click Update > Save.

Note: If your printer is a laserjet, you may need to check the "Use PCL when printing tax forms" box.

Setting Up Firm and Banking Information

The look of the Firm Setup window in Drake Tax has been updated for 2017.The lower half of the Firm Setup window has been divided into tabs to help give it a neater, less cluttered look.

This year, when you click Confirm, not only does Drake Software confirm that the EFIN information is correct, but also imports your banking information and audit protection information from your Support website into Drake Tax. If changes are needed, you must make changes on the Support website. After changes are approved, you will re-confirm your setup on the Firm screen.

To enter a Federal EIN or State ID Number, click on the Settings tab. 

Setting Up Letterhead

Additional layout options for the letterhead have been added to the Communications Editor. To access the letterhead options, go to Setup > Communications Editor > Setup > Page Layout.

Splitting State and Local Sales Tax

To include state sales tax on the client bill globally, enter a State sales tax percentage under Setup > Options > Billing. In the case where there are both state and local sales taxes, you can also enter the local sales rate in the new Local sales tax field. This breakdown of state and local tax has also been added to Firm Setup, allowing for specific tax rates per firm, if needed.

Overrides are available for both State and Local sales tax percentages on an individual basis on the BILL screen.

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