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15036: SecureFilePro Connect - Overview


What is SecureFilePro Connect? 

SecureFilePro Connect is like the traditional SFP you’re used to, but integrated into Drake Documents. It allows you to quickly:

  • Transfer files
  • Update client profiles
  • Send questionnaires
  • Track client progress
  • Send invoices to clients with e-Pay
  • Message with your client
  • Capture remote eSignatures
  • Provide clients with a website optimized for mobile devices and accessible with a standard web browser in iOS, Android, or on their computer

All these functions and more are available through the four SFP Connect tabs:

  • Files
  • Connect
  • Messenger
  • Signatures

Note: For an overview and demonstration of these features, watch the video SecureFilePro Connect.


SFP Connect provides the same secure transfer of files and information between you and your clients that you have experienced through SFP, but with an enhanced interface that allows:

  • Drag and drop file transfer from Drake Documents to clients
  • Drag and drop file transfer from clients to Drake Documents
  • Direct transfer of images of documents captured on the client’s mobile device

Some image files are also compatible with GruntWorx. See Related Links below.

For more information on how to Files tab functions, see Related Links below.


From the Connect tab of SFP Connect, you can:

  • Upload client information through Client Profile
    • The client can then update their demographic information and you can import that information into their return
  • Collect client information thorough Questionnaires
    • Questionnaires include Health Care Coverage, Due Diligence, Education Credits and Deductions, EIC, CTC, AOTC, and more
  • View the status of eSignatures through Signatures
    • If eSignature events have been purchased and used, the status of clients’ signatures can be checked
  • Bill a client through Payment 
    • If partnered with e-Pay, invoices can be sent to clients and the status of payments checked

For more information on how to use the Connect tab functions, see Related Links below.


SFP Connect provides an integrated messenger function so that you can communicate with your client without leaving Drake Documents.

From the Messenger tab of SFP Connect, you can:

  • Exchange messages with your client
  • Export a transcript of your conversations

For more information on how to use the Messenger tab functions, see Related Links below.


Drake eSignature is integrated into SFP Connect and allows your 1040 clients to review and sign tax documents on their mobile devices or computers.

To use SFP eSign:

  • First, purchase eSignature events
  • Second, sign with eSignature events

When using SFP eSign, remember:

  • The SFP eSign process is different than using a Signature Pad to e-sign documents in your office
  • The SFP eSign process requires the purchase of eSignature events
  • Documents can only be signed via SFP Connect if enough signature events have been purchased and are available

For more information on purchasing eSignature events and the eSign process, see Related Links below.

*The ePay and Signature features do require additional fees.

  • Merchant card processing through ePay functions through the new interface. Pricing depends on which program you choose. See Related Links for details on signing up for ePay merchant card processing.
  • The signature option requires the purchase of eSignature Events by the preparer. The preparer must have sufficient eSignature Events available for taxpayers to be able to sign PDFs that they receive through SFP Connect. Each eSignature Event purchased will allow the taxpayer and/or spouse to fully sign a single PDF document, which can include multiple signature pages. Each additional PDF that needs to be signed will require an additional eSignature Event-- use care when sending PDFs for signatures. Review more information and purchase eSignature Events here. Note that you will be prompted to log in to the Drake Software Support website before accessing this link. 

To summarize, SFP Connect features are available as follows: 

File Transfer, Connect, Messenger Remote Signatures Payments
Included with active SFP account Available through Non-refundable eSignature Events- purchased separately You must sign up for ePay Merchant Card Processing through EPS before you can process payments

Setting up a client from Drake Tax to use SFP Connect is easy. See Related Links below for details. 

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