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15038: Drake17 - Organizer Form Order

Organizers + Proformas

When creating Organizers, the Form Options button has moved. 

Beginning in Drake17, when creating client Organizers, the ability to change the form order can be done from the Proforma/Organizer Options window or when viewing the forms before printing.

To change the form order for all organizers, start the organizer through Last Year Data> Organizers (See "Creating Organizers for Your Clients - Single and Batch" in Related Links below for full instructions). When the Proforma/Organizer window opens, select Form Options at the bottom.


From the Form Order window, the check boxes in the Include in View/Print column will determine if a form will produce when viewing the Organizers. The forms listed in this screen can be reordered by clicking on a form and then drag and drop to the desired location. Changes are saved automatically, if the order needs to be returned to default, click Restore across the top toolbar.

For more information about Drake Organizers, see Related Links below. 

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