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15054: Add/Edit a New Client (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I add/edit a new client?


Go to Client > Add to open the Client Setup screen.

Contact Information tab

    1. Enter a code in the Client Code field (a Client Code must be entered). Client Codes are up to twelve alpha/numeric characters (0 - 9, A - Z, and a - z). Drake Accounting® will not allow certain characters in the client code such as: <,>,:, ", /, \,|,?, or *. However, other special characters that were not listed previously can be used.  Once the client information has been saved, the Client Code cannot be changed. Client codes cannot be reused for another client.
    2. All other information indicated by a red validator () must be completed. 
    3. Complete all tabs of the Client Setup screen and then click Save.

Additional information is provided below for completing some of the tabs on the Client Setup window.

Business Information tab

  • Deposit Frequency. Your selection determines whether a Schedule B is generated when you prepare Form 941, 941-PR, or 941-SS. Semi-Weekly produces a Schedule B. Monthly does not produce Schedule B, but fills Line 16 of both Form 941 and 941-SS. Select the appropriate deposit frequency based on IRS instructions for Form 941.
  • Business Type.  Select the type of business (​Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Corporation, S-Corporation, or Non-Profit).
  • Start of Year Date. Select the month and year in which the business begins. Fiscal or calendar years are allowed. Drake Accounting® does not allow for a start of year date other than the first of a month. The selector only allows you to enter the month and year, with the day always defaulting to the first of the month. 

State tab

Enter the state and/or local ID numbers for the client.  If you are planning on e-filing the state files for this client, check the e-File State box. 

Divisions tab

Divisions are used to divide company assets and expenses into sections. Unlimited divisions can be created in Drake Accounting®. Divisions are used in employee setup, 1099 vendor setup, customer setup, journal entries, and general reporting.

Drake Documents Options tab

The Drake Document Manager is installed with Drake tax software. If you have never installed the tax software, the Document Manager is not available. When you select the Document Manager Location, its path will be displayed in the Selected Drake Documents Location window. You must select the location path, even if there is only one displayed in the window, so that the path appears in blue font below the window. The path must be displayed in blue font when you save the screen to enable the Document Manager with Drake Accounting®. In order for the path to show, Drake Documents must have been set up as the "Archive Cabinet" at least once.

E-File Options tab

This tab is required to e-File Forms W-2 and 94x, and make tax deposit payments via EFTPS.

Online Payment tab

This tab allows Drake Accounting® to include the bank account information in an e-filed 94x tax return so the IRS will debit the bank account for the balance due amount. This tab MUST be completed before doing the 94x form in order for the payment to transfer with the form to the IRS. If the amount is above the threshold, a different payment method must be used (ex. EFTPS).


  • 940 - $500
  • 941/943/944/945 - $2500

Federal Form Setup tab

Select the Default W-2 Print Type and other required items for Forms 1099, W-2 and W-3. 

Notes tab

This tab allows you to enter miscellaneous information about the client.

See Client Setup for a demonstration of this process.  

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