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15074: Configuring Email Settings (DAS)

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Drake Accounting®: How do I configure my Email Settings?

In Drake Accounting®, your email settings must be entered in order to send out Receivables invoices to clients via email. This feature is only for sending emails, not receiving them in DAS.  

To configure these settings

  1. Go to Firm > Email Setup.

  2. The following fields require validation before you can save the screen:
    • Common Providers - Select the email provider that you will use to send email through Drake Accounting®. If your email provider is not listed, leave this field blank and manually enter the appropriate Outgoing Server information.
    • Email Address - Enter the email address you use to send email.
    • Outgoing Server - This field fills automatically based on the Common Providers selection. If no Common Provider is selected, manually enter the Outgoing Server information. You can get the Outgoing Server information from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

      Note: Yahoo is not supported for use with Drake Accounting® email services.

    • User ID - Enter the user name you use to log in to your email account
    • Login Password - Enter and reenter the password you use to log in to your email account.

      Note: Drake cannot retrieve or reset your email login password. 

    • SMTP Port Number - The port number defaults to the recommended 587. Some email providers may specify other port numbers for this field. 
  3.  Once the information is complete, click Send Test. A message is displayed saying that a test email has been sent to the email account entered.
  4. Click OK
  5. Check your email inbox for an email telling you that DAS has been configured for SMTP email services. Once you receive this email, return to Firm > Email Setup and click Save.

​Note: The Remove option to the right will delete a saved email setup.


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