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15077: Printing Live Employee Checks (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I print Live employee payroll checks?


When you enter and save live payroll, the check is automatically put in the queue to be printed.

To print employee checks go to Employees> Check Print. This opens the Print Checks screen.

Type of Check Stock

Choose the type of check stock you will be using: Blank MICR or Preprinted.

Check Date

Enter the desired date to be printed on the checks. This field defaults to the current date.

Starting Check Number

Enter the appropriate check number for the first check that will be printed. If you are printing multiple checks, the check numbers will be sequential from the number that is entered here.

MICR Options/Check Design

If you are using the MICR check printing method, the bank information that you have set up under Setup> MICR Bank Accounts will appear here next to MICR Bank. You will also need to designate a MICR Printer from the drop list if you did not set a default MICR printer under Firm> Firm Info/Global Settings.

If you are using Preprinted check stock, select the check design to use under Check Design.

Once this information has been entered, you can begin printing checks.

If unusual or strange characters are printing on the checks, you may need to install MICR Fonts; see Related Links below for details.

First, assure that you have blank check stock correctly inserted into your printer. You have the option to print a test check by clicking Test Print Only which will allow you to print a “test” copy of a selected check without Drake Accounting® considering the check to be printed. You can print the test check on regular paper to test the text alignment before printing on your check stock.

Select the checks to be printed by putting a check in the box to the left of the employee, or if you would like to print all available checks you can select the check box next to Name at the top to avoid selecting each one manually. Once the desired checks have been selected, click Print.

Additionally, you can check the box labeled Preview checks before printing. With this box checked, a preview window appears when you click Print. You can then review the check and determine if any adjustments need to be made before printing. The advantage of using the preview feature is that you can avoid wasting check stock if it prints incorrectly.

All checks can be reprinted when you select the check box for Reprint Checks on the right side of the Print Checks screen. 

For additional information on the Portal Payroll process, please see Related Links below. 

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