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15107: State Wage Files (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I create and upload a state wage report?


This article explains how to create and locate a state wage file for uploading to the state agency. North Carolina will be used as an example.

  1. Go to Client > Edit, select the State tab, and select NC.
  2. Select e-File State under State File and enter the Remitter Number.

  3. Click Save once you are finished with editing the client.
  4. Go to Employees > State Tax & Wage Forms and select the appropriate state form and complete the applicable information.
  5. Click Save or Save/Print once you are finished with the form.

  6. Go to Firm > Firm Information Setup. Note the location of the data under Paths Data.
  7. Go to File Explorer > Select the drive Drake Accounting® is installed on > Go to DrakeAccounting20YY > Clients.
  8. Select the Client’s folder that is labeled by the Client’s Code and open the EF Folder.
  9. Select the folder with the two-letter abbreviation for the state that you wish to file (example: North Carolina’s folder will be NC).
  10. Open the folder with the state form you filled out. You can find the necessary file to be uploaded to the appropriate state site within this folder.

​The state(s) shown in the Employees > State Tax & Wage Forms window are generated from the state indicated in the Client Setup window. If a different state should be selected, while in the client's file, go to Client > Edit and change the state indicated on the Contact Information tab. Click Save

*Drake Accounting® only supports the Flat File Web Import Reemployment Tax specifications for the Florida RT-6 upload to the FL DOR.

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