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Drake Accounting®: What is the Drake Accounting® Portal?


The Drake Accounting® Portal is a web-based service designed to let employers supply their employee information directly rather than you having to enter it in DAS. It lets your client send employee information to a secure Drake web site that you can access with Drake Accounting® to update your client’s current information. This includes time card information from which checks can be written using Drake Accounting®. If you update employee information in DAS, you can also pass it back to the client through the web site to ensure both you and your client are always in sync.

Employers can maintain their own employee information such as name, address, and pay rate. Each payroll cycle, employers enter hours worked and vacation or sick time pay. Once the payroll information is processed, the firm prints the checks, runs payroll reports, makes the 94x tax deposit and files the 94x tax return on behalf of the employer.

Both the firm and employer must have internet access to use the Drake Accounting® Portal.

 For additional information on the Portal Payroll process, please see Related Links below. 

The Drake Accounting Portals Guide is available on the support website under Support > Documents > Manuals



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