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15115: Portal Batch Payroll (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: Can I do payroll in a batch in the Portal?

Drake Accounting® allows users to create batch payroll within the Portal.
Approving Employee Time Cards

Before the payroll batch can be processed for a Payroll Period End date, it must be selected and approved. Select the appropriate Pay Period End date. Once all employee's pay records have been updated, click Approve. Since payroll records cannot be changed once they are approved, you must confirm the approval. Click OK.

Once timecards have been approved, they are available to be downloaded (synced) and processed by the accounting firm.

To create a batch for payroll, complete the following:
  1. Go to Employee > Batch Payroll
  2. Click Create Batch
  3. Create a Batch Name
  4. Select a Pay Period Ending Date
  5. Click Create

To enter batch payroll information, complete the following:
  1. Select the employee on the Add/Edit Batch Payroll screen.
  2. Make any necessary adjustments to the employee's check in the Edit Check window.
  3. Click Save after making changes for each employee.
  4. Click Approve once the batch payroll looks correct. 

Go to Employee > Batch Status to review the batch payrolls that have been created.

  • Created status is when the batch was created.
  • Approved status is when the batch has been approved and is ready to be processed within the software once the portal has been synced.
  • Processed status is when the batch is processed within Drake Accounting® under Employees > Payroll > Portal Batch and click Process if the payroll is ready to be printed on checks.

Click Export to Spreadsheet if you wish to export the payroll information to a spreadsheet.

 For additional information on the Portal Payroll process, please see Related Links below. 

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