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15117: Viewing Processed Payroll (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I view payroll processed in the Portal?


Once the firm has processed payroll in the Portal, paycheck information has to be processed after it has been synced.

  1. Within Drake Accounting®, go to Employees > Payroll > Portal Batch.
  2. The list of batches will produce on the left side of the screen. The status will show it is approved.
  3. Select the approved batch. To the right it will show the list of employee codes and the hours for that employee.
    • Click Delete Batch if you wish to delete this approved batch. 
  4. Click Process

Once the batch payroll is processed, go to Employees > Check Print to print out the payroll checks for each employee. 

For additional information on the Portal Payroll process, please see Related Links below. 

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