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15153: M2 Unverified Field

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I have a red message stating that there is an unverified field on my M2, but when I click on the screen nothing is there. How do I find and clear this field?

When returns are updated, certain fields are flagged from the previous year for review. At times, when a M2 screen is updated, a second M2 screen is created on top of the updated one so that two M2 screens are in data entry, looking like this:


When this occurs a field has been flagged on the second M2 screen which produces a red message preventing e-filing. Normally to access the second screen you would need to press Page Down once you are inside the particular screen in data entry. In this case, when you press Page Down nothing occurs, and the screen without the flagged field stays displayed.

In order to access the M2 that has the flagged field you will need to press CTRL+D to delete the first M2 screen.

Note: Drake recommends that you make a note of all entries on this screen before you delete it. In some cases the information is not on both M2 screens and will need to be reentered once the first screen is deleted.

 Once the first M2 screen is deleted, you can select the M2 screen again and it will show the flagged field.


Once you are on this screen, verify that the data is accurate, and make any other needed entries. Once that has been completed you can select the field that is flagged and press F4 to clear this flag and the red message.

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