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15200: 941 - Tax Liability in Part 2 (DAS)


Drake Accounting: How do I get the tax liability amount to produce in part 2 of form 941? 


If you are expecting the tax liability in part 2 of the 941 to produce once the form has been saved/printed, make sure:

  • The client is a monthly depositor.
    • Go to Client > Edit > Business Information tab. Select Monthly from the Deposit Frequency drop list.
  • The amount on line 12 is more than $2,500.
    • If line 12 Total taxes after adjustments and credits is less than $2,500.00, the amount will not flow to the printable or e-filable form. 
    • This is because the IRS does not require part 2 of the 941 to be filled out if line 12 is less than that amount. 

See the 941 Instructions for more information and requirements. 


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