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15219: Portal User Setup (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I create new Portal users for staff, clients, or employees of clients?


Drake Accounting® allows all users to have access to the portals at no additional cost. To access the portal, you must first create an account.


The Drake Accounting Portals Guide is available on the support website under Support > Documents > Manuals


There are four types of Portals users:

  • Admin This is the Drake Accounting® user responsible for the overall administration of the Portal including activating the Portal and maintaining Firm and Employer user IDs and passwords. The Admin user can perform all Portals functions.
  • Firm This is an employee of the accounting firm and has full Portals capabilities with the exception of managing portals users and activating the Portal.
  • Employer This is a client of the accounting firm (preferably the employee that handles payroll). This user has the same functionality as the Firm user but is restricted to viewing employee/vendor and payroll details of their company.
  • Employee —  This is an employee of the employer listed above (where the employer is the client of the accounting firm). 

 ​This article covers setting up Firm, Employer, and Employee accounts only. To setup an Admin user, please see the Related Links below. 


Firm and Employer Setup

You can create user logins for staff at your accounting firm (“firm users”) and for clients (“employer users”) from the User screen. The User Setup screen is only visible by the administrative user.

  • To get started, select the Active Client (at the top of the screen). 
  • Go to User > User Setup. The list of existing users will be shown.
  • Click New. 


  • Complete the following demographic fields for the new user: 
    • Login Name
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
  • If the user is working for a separate firm, make the appropriate selection in the Firm drop list.
  • Choose which Client Code will be worked on by that user.
  • If the user is a client of your Firm (not a staff member), select Client in the Role box.
  • Click Save above the New User section. 

Employee Setup

After an Employer is set up, an employee of that employer can activate their portal login. This login allows them to view their paystubs and Forms W2.

Note: Employee portals must be enabled at the Firm level with the assistance of Drake Support-- contact (828) 349-5908 for more information. 


To register their information with the portal, the employee needs to:

  1. Access their employer’s unique link that contains the firm’s Drake Account Number.
    • Depending on the firm’s branding settings in the firm-level portal account, the Drake Software logo may be replaced with a different image.
  2. Once the login screen loads, click Register.
  3. Based on the information that is entered for the employee under Employees > Employee Setup, complete the following information.
    • Employee First Name
    • Employee Last Name
    • Employee SSN
    • Email (can be whatever employee chooses)
    • Re-enter the employee email
    • The User Name is something the employee can choose
      • Numbers, letters, and special characters may be used
  4. Once the information is complete and accurate, click the Register button.
  5. The employee will need to check their email (the same email that was used to register) and click the link in the email to verify their account.
  6. Once they click the link from the email, they will create their password.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. The Employee will now be able to log in using the username and password they previously created. Enter the information and click Log In


Editing Portal Users:

  1. Click User > User Setup
  2. Select the user which will show in the Edit User tab.
  3. Select the user to edit.
  4. Make necessary adjustments to the user's name, email, etc.
  5. Click Save

If a firm user forgets their Portals password, the administrator can reset the password to the default password. To reset the password, select the firm user then select the check box under their Portal User ID. Click Save. The next time the user logs in to the portal, they will use the default password and be prompted to create a new password.​​

Deleting Portal Users:

  1. Click User> User Setup
  2. Select the user which will show in the Edit User tab.
  3. Select the user which needs to be deleted.
  4. Click Delete.

For additional information on the Portal Payroll process, please see Related Links below. 

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