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15227: 1099-MISC and 1096 for Specific Vendors (DAS)


Drake Accounting®: How do I create a set of 1099-MISC and a summary 1096 for only a specific group of vendors? 


If you want to print 1099-MISC forms and a summary 1096 for a limited group of vendors out of your entire list of vendors, follow these steps after opening Payables > 1099-MISC

  1. Select only the vendors for whom a 1099-MISC is needed and that should appear on the summary 1096. 
  2. Click the Process button. 
  3. Verify that the vendor(s) have a check showing in the Processed column. 
  4. Click Save/Print


This process will print a 1099-MISC for each selected vendor and include only those vendors' totals on Form 1096. 

Note: If you already processed all vendors before completing the steps above, you will get a warning message that processing will overwrite existing 1099-MISC forms that have already been processed.

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