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15231: DAS18 Updates

DAS 18 Update Notes

DAS18 Updates

  • Initial Drake Accounting 2018 Full Product Release.

  • BUG 
    • Corrections have been made to the following reports: YTD Balance sheet, SUTA Journal, Journal Report, and Employee Reports.
    • Various fixes have been corrected on the following state tax and wage forms: CO, SD, and VA.
    • Minor issue within Batch Payroll was corrected.
    • The Journal Entry within the Bank Reconciliation screen will now reflect adding and removing rows.
    • An issue with Crystal Reports View was fixed.
    • Vendor Payments Register was added to Payables Reports.
  • TASK
    • The Insert Key will now add a row and the Delete key will delete a row in various data grids throughout the program.
    • Several state withholding tables have been updated for 2018.
    • States can be updated from a prior year into OTF module.
    • Required validation was removed on Firm Information Setup for Demo users.
    • Locality calculations on the W-2 have been corrected.

  • BUG
    • A validation error on the Client Setup has been corrected when closing a year out.
    • Exporting to Drake Tax 2017 is now available.
    • Box 17 M on the 943 is now showing the correct calculations.
    • Some minor issues with creating the Chart of Accounts has been fixed.
    • Several unhandled exceptions have been corrected throughout the application.
    • Entering a EIN within a 1099 will now stay in the EIN field rather than reverting it to a SSN.
  • TASK
    • Indiana W-2 e-file has been corrected.
    • Check numbers can now be assigned to printed patch payroll.
    • The 1096 has been adjusted and is now working properly.
    • A module or node that has been selected from the TreeView will now remain highlighted.

  • BUG
    • Payroll reports will now show 2017 and 2018 check dates correctly.
    • Adjustments made to the 1096 form will now save.
    • Issues with the following state tax and wage forms have been fixed: GA, IL, ID, and MS.
    • Imported Employees can now be deleted if necessary.
    • Unhandled exceptions throughout the application have been fixed.
    • The second W-2 on Copy C is now populating the address when printing the form.
    • The drop list for “Override Client Destination Directory” is no longer disabled in the Drake Documents tab within the Client Module.
    • The Year to Date on check stubs now goes by the check date rather than the pay period end date.
    • An error has been fixed when running Balance Sheet reports.
  • TASK
    • “Sequence contains no elements” error has been fixed.
    •  An issue with resizing a check alignment has been corrected.
    • Fiscal year clients can now post future year transactions.
    • Vacation hours has been expanded on the check stub to allow more hours to show properly.
    • Amount Exempt field for MS employees has been expanded to allow more numbers in the field.​

  • BUG
    • Several unhandled exceptions have been fixed throughout the program.
    • Semi-colon now allowed as a special character for Client Code.
    • Made corrections on the following tax & wage states: AZ, IA, IL, IN, and VA.
    • All of the required information will now print correctly on a 941X form.
    • OTF W-2 Employees will now be updated correctly from CWU to Drake Accounting.
    • The “Show hours for salaried employees” checkbox is now working correctly.
    • If a line item description has changed, it will now show correctly on the Receivables invoice.
    • The 1099-MISC will now print correctly when an amount on the form is exactly $600 or more.
    • Box 12 of the W2 is now adding correctly.
    • The default date range for reports will now defaulted to the release year. 
    • Client level overrides for Rates and Withholdings will now save properly.
    • You can now transmit multiple 94x forms without any issues.
    • Box 12 and Box 14 on the W-2 for payroll will now be updated from prior years correctly.
  • TASK
    • Tabbing order has been corrected in several modules.
    • The new federal withholding rates have been added.
    • Made “Print Name” and “Trade Name” on W-2 into two lines.
    • Commissioned employees can now be tipped.
    • Removed commas in monetary amounts fields on all federal forms.
    • Column headers have been corrected on the Profit and Loss multi-column divisional report.

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