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15252: 1040 - IDS Screen Entry Required

1040 Individual Data Entry

Why must I enter a driver's license on the IDS screen? 


Due to IRS Security Summit initiatives designed to help prevent identity theft, each individual electronic filing requires one of the following:

  1. A valid Driver’s license or State Identification for the taxpayer (and spouse, if applicable).
  2. An indicator that the taxpayer (and spouse, if applicable) does not have a Driver’s License or State Identification
  3. An indicator that the taxpayer (and spouse, if applicable) did not provide a Driver’s License or State Identification.

Drake will not assume an election of type 2 or 3 on the part of a taxpayer or tax preparer.

Error message 0500 generates preventing e-file until one of the above entries is made on the IDS screen. 


  • When entering the Issue Date or Expiration Date for the license or state ID you can enter either a 6-digit date (MMDDYY) or 8-digit date (MMDDYYYY) and the software will default the year to 20YY instead of 19YY.
    • Important: If entering the 6-digit date, any 2-digit year entry (YY) from '28 forward will default to 19YY instead of 20YY. For expiration dates from 2028 on in Drake17, you will need to enter the full 8-digit date (MMDDYYYY) in the Expiration Date box, otherwise an entry of 010128 will show as 01-01-1928 instead of 01-01-2028.
  • If either the Issue Date or Expiration Date on the driver's license or state issued photo-ID shows only a month and year (MMYYYY), the day (DD) should be entered as 01

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