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15258: SFP Connect - Files


How do I use SecureFilePro Connect to send or receive files? 

SFP Connect provides the same secure transfer of files and information between you and your clients that you have experienced through SFP, but with an enhanced interface that allows:

  • Drag and drop file transfer from Drake Documents to clients.
  • Drag and drop file transfer from clients to Drake Documents.
  • Direct transfer of images or documents captured on the client’s mobile device.

You have four ways to send or receive files:

  • Preparer – Sending a File
  • Preparer – Receiving a File
  • Client – Sending a File
  • Client – Receiving a File

Preparer View – Sending a File

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Open Drake Documents:
    • The Cabinet (Working or Archive) displays with a tree of clients on the left.
    • Documents for a selected client display on the upper right, in the Documents Pane.
    • The SFP Pane displays in the lower right.
  2. Enter your SFP Username and Password in the SFP Pane, and then click Login


  3. You will automatically land on the Files tab where you’ll click on Documents from Preparer to open that folder.


  4. The Files tab changes to show the contents of the Documents from Preparer folder for this client. In this example, documents have not yet been uploaded.


  5. In the tree to the left (Archive or Working Tree depending on whether the Archive or Working Cabinet is active), open the client’s folder (and sub-folders if needed) to locate the file to send.
    • The file will be displayed in the Documents pane.

      Note: You cannot add files or folders directly to the Files tab, one of the listed folders must be selected first. If you have selected the incorrect folder, press the back arrow to return to the folder selection on the Files tab. 

  6. Highlight one or more files:


  7. Drag the file(s) down into the SFP pane.
    • The cursor will display a + sign indicating that the document(s) will be uploaded or added to this folder. When the cursor changes, release your mouse click to upload the file.


      Note: You can also copy the file from the Documents pane and paste in the SFP pane after selecting the destination folder by highlighting and right clicking on the file(s).

  8. The taxpayer receives an email notification that new documents are available for review.

Note: Once the client downloads the PDF, a Download Date will also display in this pane. 

Preparer View – Receiving a File

When a client uploads a file, you will receive notification on the SFP pane under the Notifications section and the Files tab will display a red flag indicating that you have a new item to receive.

Note: You can expand the notification section by clicking on the down arrow. You can clear the notification by clicking on the red x under the clear column.

To receive a file:

  1. Click on the Documents to Preparer folder on the Files tab.


  2. Locate the file(s) to be transferred in the SFP Pane.


  3. Highlight one or more files.
  4. Click and drag the file(s) from the SFP Pane to the Documents Pane.
    • The cursor will become a rectangle sign to indicate the document will be downloaded.


  5. Release your mouse click to download the file.
  • The download date will display for you and your client.

    Note: You can also copy the file from the SFP pane and paste into the Documents pane instead of using drag-drop by highlighting and right-clicking on the file(s).

Client View – Sending a File

Clients can use the Files tab of SFP Connect to upload files to the preparer on the SFP Connect web application.

To send a file:

  1. Log into SFP.

    Note: The web application will be the URL of the SecureFilePro domain followed by “/connect”. For example,

  2. Click on the Files menu.
  3. Click on Upload File in the To Preparer section.


  4. A browse window opens. Locate and open the desired file(s).

    Note: If a client is using a mobile device with a camera, they can also capture and upload images of documents.

  5. A status bar shows that a file was uploaded and lists the name of the file. The Upload File icon shows Upload File Status of 100%.

  1. If needed, the client can click the three dots icon on the right to make changes to the uploaded file 

Note: Once the file is uploaded, the preparer receives notification and is able to download it.

Client View – Receiving a File

When a preparer uploads files to a client using SFP Connect, the client receives an email notification and link to download the files.

To receive a file:

  1. The client clicks on the link in the email notification.
  2. The client enters their Username and Password on the SFP Connect login screen.
  3. Click Login.
  4. The client is taken directly to the Files section.
    • A red exclamation point will be displayed to the left of Files indicating a new file is available.
    • The client can also select Files from the list if logging in from a bookmarked page.
  5. The client clicks the Download icon.


Note: The preparer will see the date and time that the client downloaded the file in the SFP pane.

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