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15268: SFP Connect - Messenger


How do I use the Messenger function in SFP Connect? 

From the Messenger tab of SFP Connect, you can:

  • Exchange messages with your client.
  • Export a transcript of your conversations.

Exchanging Messages with Your Client

  1. To send a message to your client, first check if they’re set up to use SFP Connect.
    • If they’re not set up, see Related Links below for instructions on client setup
  2. Click on the Messenger tab.
  3. Type your message in the text field, then click Send.


  4. After you click Send, your message will appear in the Messenger window with a date stamp.


  • Your client will see your message in their SFP Connect web application after clicking on their Messenger tab.


  1. To reply, your client enters their message in the text field titled, “Write your message here...”, then clicks Send.


  2. The window keeps track of the conversation on both sides.
    • Client view:


    • Preparer view:


  • When the client sends a message, you will receive notification in the SFP Connect pane under the Notifications section.
    • You can expand this section to view details by clicking on the arrow.
    • Clear notifications by clicking on the red (X) under the Clear column.
    • The Messenger tab will also show a red exclamation point (!) indicating that there are unread messages from the client.


Note: There is no way to delete a message once it has been sent.

Note: If the message is not read within 24 hours, an email notification will be sent to the taxpayer or preparer, as applicable. This email will repeat every 24 hours until the message is viewed or the notification is cleared. 

Exporting the Conversation

  1. Click the Export button while on the Messenger tab.


    • A pop-up window appears informing you that the MessengerExport.txt file was created in Drake Documents successfully.
  2. Click OK.
  • The MessengerExport file appears in the Documents pane.

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