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15272: 2018.01.11 - Drake17 State Updates

Drake17 Update Notes

2018.01.11 - Drake17 State Updates


Delaware Update 1

  • Multiple Packages:
    • DE Forms 200-ES, 200V, 1027, and 700 have been approved and are available for printing.
    • A behind-the-scenes update facilitates e-file processing of DE business returns. 


Hawaii Update 1

  • Individual Package:
    • The Individual package is now available for efile.

Indiana Update 2

  • Multiple Packages:
    • The following form has been approved and can now be printed:
      • IT-966 - Notice of Corporate Dissolution Liquidation or Withdrawal
    • The following forms have been developed and approved and can now be printed:
      • Form 102 - Farmer's Tangible Personal Property Assessment Return
      • Form 103-Long - Business Tangible Personal Property Assessment Return
      • Form 103-Short - Business Tangible Personal Property Return
      • Form 104 - Business Tangible Personal Property Return
      • Form 103-O - Information Return of Owned Personal Property
      • Form 103-N - Information Return of Not Owned Personal Property 
  • Partnership Package:
    • Form IN65 will now be displayed with a red "X" on the Calculation Results window in all cases when an IN e-file message page is present.
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • The watermark on Form IT-41 has been removed.

Ohio Update 1

  • Individual Package:
    • Changes were made to reduce the occurrence of EF reject DRK-PARSE.
    • Foreign country and foreign postal code fields have been added to Form IT 10, Ohio Income Tax Information Notice. 
    • The Unreimbursed Health Care Expenses Worksheet for Ohio Schedule A, line 32, has been updated to match the 2017 instructions for Form IT 1040.
    • Line 25 of Form SD 100, School District Income Tax Return, has been updated to reflect recent guidance received from the Ohio DOR. For more information see the Guide to Ohio’s School District Income Tax, updated December 2017.

West Virginia Update 1

  • Individual Package:
    • WV Individual Package has been approved for e-file.
    • The extension letter mailing address was corrected.
    • An update facilitates electronic filing of Schedule M. 
    • A parse error was resolved for the Senior Citizen Tax Credit when a non-numeric entry is made into the “District” field on WV screen SCTC.
    • SSNs will be displayed in XML for Schedule A, Part III. 
    • The extended due date was corrected in the filing instructions and the client results letter. 
    • For WV returns due refunds, the filing instructions will refer to the method of refund, not to the payment voucher. 

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