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15307: NY - Reject R1120 - Driver's License/State ID Number Format and Document Number Entry

New York

Why am I receiving a R1120 rejection on this NY individual return?

This is the reject code that you are seeing:

  • R1120 Driver License/State Issued ID - Primary Driver License/State ID Number Formatted Incorrectly

To correct or prevent this New York reject, follow the input guidelines below for the NY Driver's License/ID number. The NYS Document Number must also be entered if the license/ID was issued by NY - see below for guidelines. 

R1120 - NYS Driver's License/State Issued ID Guidelines

In order to e-file a NY state return, a driver's license or state issued photo ID must be entered on the IDS screen. If the license/ID was issued by New York, the ID number will contain exactly 9 numbers. The ID number is shown near the top of any New York State Driver's license/state issued photo ID and can be identified by the "ID" indicator that precedes the 9-digit number. See the NY DMV for examples.

A driver's license or state-issued photo ID that was issued by a state other than NY may have a different format and should be entered as it appears on the license/ID. 

Document Number Guidelines

If the license or ID was issued by New York, the Document Number (First three characters only) must be entered for both taxpayer and spouse (if MFJ) on the PIN2 screen.  (Open the PIN screen and press Page Down).


A Document Number is a 8 or 10-digit, alpha-numeric number found on a New York issued Driver's License or State Issued Photo ID. The location of the document number varies depending on the issue date and style of the license/ID; see the NY DMV for examples. 

Note: A Document Number entry applies only to licenses/IDs issued by NY. If the taxpayer/spouse possesses a driver's license or state-issued photo ID that was issued by a state other than NY, they will not have a document number on their license/ID. In this circumstance, nothing should be entered on the PIN2 screen in the Document Number or Signature Date box as it could cause a rejection. 

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