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15328: Printer Setup & Troubleshooting

Printing Generally

How do I set up my printer in Drake Tax? 

From the Drake Tax home window, go to Setup > Printing > Printer Setup and complete the following steps:

  1. Select the F8 "Edit Printer Settings" tab.
  2. Select the printer and printer type from the drop down menus.
  3. Click Update > Save.

Note: If your printer is a LaserJet, you may need to also check the Use PCL when printing tax forms box. See Common Issues below for indicators that the PCL print method may be needed. 

Common Issues

If you have any of the following issues when trying to print from Drake Tax, try toggling the Use PCL when printing tax forms option (shown above 2). 

  • Line descriptions missing on printed form.
  • Forms will not duplex. 
    • Only if the printer supports duplex printing. 
  • Return will not print.
    • Ensure that the printer functions outside of Drake first. 
  • Extra page printing with or without a "PCL XL error warning."
  • Having to click the Start button on the printer before a print job will process. 
    • Note that you may need to select No Tray Codes as the Tray on the F5 and F6 tabs as well. 
  • Page or Form is printing blank, or partially printing, but without all data. May also appear as strange characters printing.
    • Install Fonts (see KB 10856 in Related Links below). 
    • If the issue seems to be limited to vouchers and extension forms, see KB 16105

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