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15384: 2018.02.09 - Drake17 1040 Update 17

Drake17 Update Notes

2018.02.09 - Drake17 1040 Update 17


  • Schedule K-1, line 8c, "Unrecaptured 1250 gain," will now be exported from a 1120S return to a 1040 return when using the "K1 Export" function.
  • The state depreciation will now be calculated correctly when a date is entered in the “Date taken out of service” field on screen 4562.
  •  All state-specific deductions listed in box 14 of screen W2 will now flow automatically to Schedule A, regardless of the order in which the states are listed in box 15.
  • Longer firm names will now be printed without going into the margin in the signature section of the Transaction Summary.
  • When an asset on screen 4562 has a date in the “Date taken out of service” field, that asset will now be omitted from the next year’s depreciation calculation.
  • Screen 8959, line 19, “Medicare tax withheld from Form W-2, box 6,” will now be rounded correctly to prevent reject F1040-066-04: “Form 1040, Line 74 'TotalPaymentsAmt' must be equal to the sum of the following: Line 64 'WithholdingTaxAmt' and Line 65 'EstimatedTaxPaymentsAmt' and Line 66a 'EarnedIncomeCreditAmt' and Line 67 'AdditionalChildTaxCreditAmt' and Line 68 'RefundableAmerOppCreditAmt' and Line 69 'ReconciledPremiumTaxCreditAmt' and Line 70 'RequestForExtensionAmt' and Line 71 'ExcessSocSecAndTier1RRTATaxAmt' and Line 72 'TotalFuelTaxCreditAmt' and Line 73 'OtherPaymentsAmt' and Line 74 'form8689Amt'.”
  • The Tax Act Impact worksheet has been updated to take into account tax calculations when Schedule D is present in the return.
  • EF Message 137 has been updated to prevent a parse error when there is an incomplete entry in the “Care provider name” field of screen 2441. (“CareProvidersGrp”)
  • The correct amount of qualified dividend or capital gain tax will now flow from the worksheet to line 44 of Form 6251 in 1040NR returns. Prior to this update, the number that flowed was being adjusted by a small amount in certain returns.
  • EF Message 6289 prevents reject F8962-001-01: "If Form 8962, 'TotalExemptionsCnt' has a non-zero value, then it must be equal to 'TotalExemptionsCnt' in the return."
  • EF Message 1927 prevents reject R0000-093-02: "If Spouse SSN in the return has a value, then it must be within the valid range of SSN/ITIN and must not be an ATIN."

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