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15386: 2018.02.09 - Drake17 Federal Update 4

Drake17 Update Notes

2018.02.09 - Drake17 Federal Update 4


  • For prior-year installment sales, when a value of “1” or less is entered in the “Gross profit percentage” field on screen 6252, the correct value will now be calculated and displayed on Form 6252 in View/Print mode. Prior to this update, a value less than 1 was multiplied by 100, which could have caused the taxable income to be overstated.
  • Centralized Authorization File (CAF) number will now be printed on Form 911 with the letter “R.” Enter the nine digits of the CAF on the “Section II” tab of the 911 screen or enter a properly formatted CAF (with a dash and letter “R”) in the “Power of Attorney Information” section at Setup > Preparer(s).


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