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15388: 2018.02.09 - Drake17 State Updates

Drake17 Update Notes

2018.02.09 - Drake17 State Updates


States Generally Update 4

  • EF Message 9165 now prevents an error on element 'StateAbbreviationCd' when no state abbreviation is provided on screen 99M, and the "Resident state" selection on federal screen 1 is "PY" (Part-Year).
  • EF Message 9111 no longer prevents e-file when code "FF" is selected from box 12 of screen W2.
  • Programming changes prevent an e-file error on element 'AddressLine1Txt' when a foreign address is provided on screen INT or screen OID and the entry in the address field contains an invalid character. 
  • EF Message 9582 now prevents an e-file error on element 'TypeGainLoss' when both short-term or long-term gain and the "Ordinary" type gain indicators have been selected on screen 8949. 

Arizona Update 4

  • These forms are now activated for printing:
    • Form 140PTC, Property Tax Refund (Credit) Claim
    • Form 140PY, Part-Year Resident Personal Income Tax Return
    • Form 140A, Resident Personal Income Tax Return (Short Form)
    • Form 140, Resident Personal Income Tax Return
    • Form 140NR, Nonresident Personal Income Tax Return
  • Individual Package:
    • A program update prevents Business Rule Reject 624 when Form 203, Request for Injured Spouse Protection from Application of Joint Overpayment Against Spouse's Delinquencies or Debts, is attached to the return.
  • S-Corporation:
    • The expected data will now be printed on Form 120S, Schedule K-1(NR), Nonresident Shareholder's Share of Income and Deductions

Delaware Update 5

  • Individual Package:
    • The "Force Standard" override on DE screen 1 will now work as expected on Married Filing Separately Combined returns. 
  • Multiple Packages:
    • The following forms have been approved and are available for printing:
      • Form 1100CR, Computation Schedule for Claiming Delaware Economic Development Credits
      • Form 1801AC, Application and Computation Schedule for Claiming Delaware Land & Historic Resource Conservation Tax Credits
      • Form 1811AC, Computation Schedule for Claiming Delaware Historic Preservation Tax Credits
      • Form 2001AC, Application & Computations Schedule for Claiming Delaware Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credits
      • Form 2070AC, Application and Computation Schedule for Claiming Delaware Research and Development Tax Credits
      • Form 329, Delaware Special Tax Computation for Lump Sum Distribution from Qualified Retirement Plan
      • Form 400-EX, Declaration of Estimated Fiduciary Income Tax
      • Form 800, Delaware Business Income of Nonresident
      • Form 1100X, Amended Delaware Corporation Income Tax Return
      • Form 1100-P-EXT S Corporation Request for Extension 

Georgia Update 4

  • Individual Package:
    • Parse errors occurring on the following elements have been resolved:
      • 'Subtractions'
      • 'FormGAINDCR' 
    • To prevent a parse error on the element 'Name' an EF message will be generated when a first and last name have not been entered for credits requiring a full name on GA screens CR and CR2.
    • GA identification information entered on the IDS screen will always be printed on page 1 of GA Form 500, Individual Income Tax Return.
    • The limited credit amount will now be shown on page 3, line 21, of GA form 500, Individual Income Tax Return. This prevents GA reject GAR0000-030. Prior to this update, the unlimited credit amount was shown on line 21 but the correct limited amount was being used in all calculations.
    • GA Form 500X, Amended Individual Income Tax Return, has been approved for e-file. 

Georgia Update 5

  • S Corporation Package:
    • The "Original Return" checkbox will now be marked by default on page one of GA Form 600S, Corporation Tax Return, when GA screen 600S has not been completed. This will prevent a parse error on element "Form600S".

Illinois Update 5

  • Corporation Package:
    • Form IL-1120, Corporation Income and Replacement Tax Return, has been approved for e-file.
    • Step 8, line 45, "Income Tax," column "A," of Form IL-1120-X, Amended Corporation Income and Replacement Tax Return, will be printed as expected. 
    • Line 63, "Amount to be credited forward," of Form IL-1120, Corporation Income and Replacement Tax Return, will now be printed as expected.
    • The date on the watermark will be printed as expected on Form IL-505-B, Automatic Extension Payment voucher.
  • Multiple Packages:
    • An update prevents EF Message 1035 from being generated and preventing e-file of the return when the date entered in the "State: Requested payment date" field of the federal PMT screen is prior to the due date of the return.

Iowa Update 10

  • Individual Package:
    • Data from the Iowa Alternative Tax Worksheet (IAAT_WKS) will now be printed correctly on the form.
    • The household income rate on Form IA 54001, Iowa Property Tax Credit Claim, has been updated to arrive at percentages found on line M, "Percent of property tax base used in computing credit."
    • Print positions on Form IA 6251, Alternative Minimum Tax, are now in place.
    • Data on Form IA 54023, Application for Family Farm Tax Credit, will now be printed as expected. 
  • Multiple Packages:
    • Print positions on Form IA 6251, Alternative Minimum Tax, are now in place.

Kansas Update 6

  • Fiduciary Package:
    • The watermark has been removed from Form K-41, Kansas Fiduciary Income Tax, and the form is now eligible to be printed and e-filed.

Missouri Update 8

  • Individual Package:
    • Form MO-2210, Underpayment of Estimated Tax By Individuals, has been activated for e-file.
    • A Return Note now alerts preparers to verify data entry when the FICA portion of the Social Security tax has been limited to the yearly maximum on Form MO-A, part 2, "Itemized Deductions."

North Dakota Update 4

  • S Corporation, Partnership, and Fiduciary Packages: 
    • Adjustments remove unnecessary characters that are reported as the entity’s type on line E and the entity’s name on line D of ND Schedule K-1, Shareholders and Partner’s share of North Dakota Income, and ensure the following parse error will no longer be generated: " The '' element is invalid - The value 'PAUL SPITZER FARMS, INC' is invalid according to its datatype '' - The Pattern constraint failed." 

Pennsylvania Update 9

  • Corporation and S Corporation Packages:
    • The following form has been updated to comply with the 2017 tax law: 
      • PA Schedule REV799, Adjustment for Bonus Depreciation and Disposition
  • S-Corporation and Partnership Packages:
    • Updates to PA Schedule M-2, Reconciliation of Federal and PA Taxable Income, ensure that rental-related expenses do not flow automatically to this schedule.
    • An EF Message now prevents PA extension returns from being e-filed without the required extension form, REV-276, Application for Extension of Time to File. 
    • This also prevents the following parse error: 
      • "The element 'ReturnState' in namespace '' has incomplete content. List of possible elements expected: 'ReturnDataState' in namespace ''."

Wisconsin Update 7

  • Individual Package:
    • On line 6 of Form CS, College Savings Accounts, $1,570 will now be printed for Married Filing Separate and $3,140 for all other filing statuses.
    • Itemized deductions entered on federal screen A will now flow to Form 1, Wisconsin Income Tax, page 4, Schedule 1 when either the federal standard deduction is taken or federal income is too high to itemize.
    • The “divorced” box will no longer be checked on Schedule H, Homestead Credit, when the “disabled” box has been marked.

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