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15391: 2018.02.13 Broadcast - IRS Balance Due Payment with Credit Card

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2018.02.13 Broadcast - IRS Balance Due Payment with Credit Card


Drake Software Tax Season Update

IRS Balance Due Payment with Credit Card

Taxpayers can pay their balance due by check or bank account withdrawal. In some cases, they may want or need to pay by credit card. Here are two ways to pay with a card:

Integrated File and Pay (IFP)

You can help them pay by credit card through the IRS Authorized Integrated File and Pay process. You do not have to sign up to offer this service - it’s integrated into Drake Tax. Here’s how it works:

Prior to e-filing a completed return, access the IFP screen in Data Entry under the Miscellaneous tab. After the IFP screen is complete, click the Authorize Credit Card button to enter the card information and submit the authorization. Once the e-filed return is accepted by the IRS, the credit or debit card is charged and the taxpayer is notified by email. The payment processing fee is 2.35% for all credit card types and $3.95 for all debit cards.

Note: If the return is rejected, or not accepted within 8 days of card payment authorization, the authorization is automatically canceled. This means the card will not be charged if the return is rejected. You must then complete the authorization step again prior to re-transmitting the return.

Drake Software E-Payment Center

Taxpayers can also use the Drake Software E-Payment Center anytime at to pay a balance due by credit or debit card. This website, which is also handled by our IRS Authorized payment partner, can be used to pay current year balance-due payments, quarterly estimated taxes, prior-year balances, installment agreements, and some business taxes.

The payment processing fee is 1.97% (minimum $2.69) for all major credit cards and $2.58 for all debit cards. Other payment options are also available on the site, including PayPal, AMEX Express Checkout, Visa Checkout, and MasterPass.

For more information, log into your Drake Support account and select Partner Programs Pay Taxes with Credit Card.



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