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15478: TX - Franchise Report EF Message 0036 Web File Number


I am receiving EF Message 0036 about the Web File number on a TX Franchise report. The number I entered starts with FQ. How can I clear this error?

This is the EF Message you are seeing: 

On the Texas General Information Screen (at the bottom) you must enter the taxpayer's Web File number.

The Web file number is printed in the upper right corner of the notification letter the DOR mails to each taxable entity about six weeks before the due date of the next report.  TX DOR also prints the Web File number in the top left corner of each franchise tax delinquent notice.  The Web File number begins with the letters XT and is followed by six numbers.  If you cannot find your notification number, you can contact the DOR at (800) 442-3453 to request a duplicate letter.  The DOR can also provide the taxpayer's Web File number over the phone.  you will need to provide identifying information, such as past gross receipts or total revenue, or the last payment amount that is greater than zero, before we can release this confidential information. 

Texas uses the term “Web File Number” for any number that is issued for electronically submitting various taxes/reports, however, the only prefix that is allowed for e-filing the Texas Franchise Tax report is “XT" followed by six numbers. A number that begins with FQ is not used for filing or paying a Franchise Tax Report. Numbers that begin with "FQ" are only used for submitting the Franchise Questionnaire. See the TX Comptroller's video for details. 

To clear EF Message 0036, you must enter a valid web file number that begins with XT and contains exactly 6 numbers following the XT. If you do not have this number available, contact the Texas DOR at (800) 442-3453 to request a duplicate notification letter or have the taxpayer retrieve it over the phone (after verification). 

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