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15492: 2018.03.12 - Drake17 State Updates

Drake17 Update Notes

2018.03.12 - Drake17 State Updates


Delaware Update 8

  • Individual Package:
    • For single taxpayers, the override fields on DE screen 4, "200-02, Non-Resident Income Tax Return - Screen 2," now function as expected.
    • Line 5 of the Delaware Itemized Deduction Worksheet (DEITM_WK) will now reflect the lesser of other state taxes withheld or the other state's tax liability when the tax is included in the credit for taxes paid. 
    • Estimated taxes paid during the tax year are now automatically included on line 35a of Form 200-02, Non-Resident Income Tax Return.

Maine Update 6

  • Individual Package:
    • ME Worksheet C, Employee Apportionment Worksheet (MEWKNRC) will be produced for Filing Status 1, "Single," when ME screen WKC is completed.
    • EF Message 0032 prevents parse error MENameIdOwnPct when incomplete information is entered for a pass-through entity on ME screen SC. If any PTE field has an entry, all three must have entries.
  • Corporate Package:
    • ME corporation returns may be e-filed.

Montana Update 12

  • The following MT corporation forms are available for printing: 
    • Montana Credit Carryovers (MTCRATT) 
    • Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporation (MTCLT4UT)

New Jersey Update 9

  • Individual Package: 
    • An update prevents reject, DRKPARSE, when a negative amount of "Other Retirement Income Exclusion" is calculated on line 27b of Form NJ-1040, Resident Return, or Form NJ-1040-NR, Nonresident Return, line 27b.

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